Smoking Cessation With Laser Therapy

Leading the next generation of smoking cessation and wellness programs.
Our mission is to provide the best drug-free solutions possible to help people live better lives.

We currently focus on two primary concerns: to help people achieve freedom from tobacco addiction and to help people lose weight by metabolizing excess fat. These arc the two most prevalent health related issues in America today.

Our innovative programs aim to empower people with education, coaching, and support while providing exciting new technologies like neuro-linguistie audio therapy and low-level laser therapy that are very effective.

help with quitting cigarettes

Low-level laser therapy is a revolutionary technology that is creating quite a buzz and has experts predicting that it will transform the health care and wellness communities. It’s development began in England nearly thirty years ago and in 1998 it became available here in the U.S. Among many benefits. It offers the person who wants to quit smoking a way to break free from tobacco addiction without drugs, withdrawal symptoms, or side effects. It helps to relax cravings while taking the edge off the recovery process.

Our clinical experience has concurred with international studies: up to 85% of participants are able to quit smoking with therapeutic laser treatments. Very few people experience withdrawal discomfort. And most enjoy a reduction in along with relief from anxiety, better sleep, and a possible boost in energy, all without any side-effects.

And since low-level laser therapy is so safe, it has an advantage that other methods for quitting do not: if a person feels they are in danger of relapse. They can easily come in for a ‘booster’ treatment to help neutralize the cravings.