Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Therapy

Does laser therapy cause pain or other sensations?

Sometimes, a patient may sense a faint, warming, or tingle during laser therapy. Locations that are tender or irritated could be slightly more noticeable before the discomfort begins to subside due to the treatment.

Are there side effects from treatments?

Hardly any side effects have even been noted over the last twenty years by Laser Therapy specialists from around the entire planet. Old injuries and other lasting ailments can periodically feel somewhat irritated for a short period of time after a Laser Therapy session.

How long will my treatment take?

Therapy can take from thirty minutes to an hour subject to the dimensions of the therapy location.

What are the treatment intervals?

Acute conditions can be treated every day, especially when they are associated with a substantial amount of pain. Persistent or long term ailments respond more desirably intervals of 2-3 therapy sessions per week to as long as every two weeks when there is positive progress of the condition.

How many sessions will I need?

Individualism of the ailment or injury determines the number and frequency of the Laser Sessions. For acute and less difficult conditions, one to six sessions can be all that is needed. More lasting and difficult ailments need ten, fifteen, or even more laser sessions. Severe chronic ailments like arthritis may stipulate continuous recurrent visits.

How long before I feel relief?

Most people experience relief immediately after a treatment.

Can laser therapy be used with other treatments?

Laser Therapy many times is combined with different types of therapies like physical therapy, adjustments (chiropractor), massage therapy, mobilization of soft tissue, electrotherapy after operations, or even with other alternative medicine practices.