Bioenergetic Testing with the Qest4

Quest4 Bioenergetic Testing

Everything is made up of energy!

Bioenergetic testing utilizes a computer based instrument which measures the energy in the body. This new and highly accurate method helps detect and identify and disturbances or imbalances of all the various organs and systems within the body that are causing health problems.

Through the use of handheld electrodes it can measure these imbalances and determine their presence all well before conventional tests may find them. Once it has identified theses disturbances the Qest4 will put through potential energetic frequencies to rebalance them. It also indicates which nutritional and homeopathic remedies and their exact potency that will bring about proper energy balance.

Research Based

The Bioenergetic technique is understood, accepted and widely used in other countries and is rapidly growing in the United States. It is backed by over 30 years of research and technology. Clients all over the world reported over 80% satisfaction with the results of Bioenergetic Testing!

How It Works

The process is simple. You sit comfortably while holding two electrodes, one in each hand. The Qest4 sends a micro current through the body’s meridian pathways and capture the data and then send the currents back to help correct the imbalance.

After each visit you should notice some positive changes in your health.

Quest4 Bioenergetic Testing

Qest4 Testing

Allergy Sensitivity Profile
Autism Panel
Comprehensive Analysis
Degenerative Disturbances
Dental Resonance Profile
Emotional Stressors
Environmental Sensitivity List
Food Sensitivity Profile
Genetic Inheritances

GI Panel
Growth Factors
Heart Scan
Hormonal Imbalances
Joint & Connective Tissue Scan
Lyme & Co0infectionScan
Male & Female Reproductive Scan
Metabolic-Digestive Profile
Neurotransmitter Profile

Nutrient Deficiency
Nutritional Maintenance
Organ Scan
PH Issues
Pharmaceutical Categories
Sleep Disturbances
TMJ Stressors Toxic Stressors
Vertebral Profile
…and more!

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